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気づきのキャリア(4) インテルでの例1



–1. Curiosity

–2. Never play defence

Chief Sales and Mktg officer,

–1. Speak up

–2. Continue to learn

ŸChief Platform Technology Officer

–1. Risk taking: Do what you think right even if your boss do not think

–2. Focus 1-2 and ignore everything else

ŸChief Sales Officer

–1. Build track record. Be direct. Stay focus.

–2. Be set up to learn. You can learn not only from managers but also from peers/subordinates. Intel has brilliant talent pool. Take the opportunity to network internally/externally

ŸCTO, yougest VP

–1.Do a great job at current job, even if you do not like job or boss

–2.Learn and prepare the skills you need for a next job - whenever it is to be. In a dynamic environment like Intel, this rewards you.

ŸChief Marketing Offcier

–1. Love your job, enjoy issues to resolve

ŸVP, Security

–1. Learn Technology

–3. Find sponsor/mentor

–2. Risk taking


  • Learn to admit you’re wrong

  • Confrontation.

  • Speak up:

  • Practice, practice, practice:

  • Start coaching people:

  • Show your self-confidence:


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